My name is Gerry Mabin and I have had the honour of being on the Toronto Advisory Board of the Children’s Discovery Centre! I am proud to say that I am part of a team of people who are passionate about creating a space that young children will not only benefit from, but enjoy visiting again and again.

Jeanhy Shim is the driving force behind this venture: she saw the need and rallied us into action. To me, it is one of the most exciting start-ups for little kids Toronto has seen in the last few years. At last, a space specifically designed for children under six and their caregivers. This is a very significant development for Toronto’s families.

The CDC is a magical environment where children can explore, use their imagination and learn in the way children do: through active involvement using their senses and at their own pace! Aren’t we constantly wishing that children could have more opportunities to play and to meet and interact with other children in a playful way? Here is such a place.

Play is children’s way of learning. It is essential for the sound development of many basic skills: creative problem solving; perseverance; curiosity; self-confidence; basic concepts in language and math and much more. Today, children are hurried to learn academic skills without having time to explore and discover for themselves. Often it is difficult to provide the materials at home (who wants paint all over the walls and floor?) but here at the CDC there are exciting spaces with lots of wonderful items for them to use that they couldn’t have at home. Read about the different zones!

The CDC is not just a place for children under 6 years: it offers valuable opportunities for the accompanying adult to observe the little visitor as they explore. Our trained Facilitators will be there to encourage and extend the play opportunities if needed – but we know the children know what to do!

How often can you visit? As often as possible! Every visit will be a new and different experience. Older siblings are welcomed too... we will be encouraging them to interact with their younger siblings... who better than an older kid to encourage and mentor?

We want to make this permanent. You can help by telling friends, teachers, daycares, uncles and aunties to come and see it in action for themselves!

Let’s work together and make it happen!

Gerry Mabin